Dirt Cheap Personal Shopping

Dirt Cheap Personal Shopping is now available! If you get a bit overwhelming while shopping at Dirt cheap or maybe you don’t have a Dirt Cheap in your area, this service is for you!

This is how it works!

First step, you shoot me and email! (lifefashionstylingservices@gmail.com) Let me know what you’re looking for and what your budget is for the item(s). (Email full name, item, contact number, and budget.) I promise I won’t blow up your phone! This is to help confirm the items that I find for you.

Example:   Name: Jane Smith

Item(s): Accent Chair, Baby Crib

Contact Number: 251-555-8075

Budget for Chair: $50

Budget for Crib: $85

This helps me keep in mind your need as I make my many trips to Dirt Cheap each week!


Second step, During my trips to Dirt Cheap, I keep your needs in mind. Since I can’t guarantee these items will be found, all I can guarantee is that I can try to find deals for you! When I do find something, I will take many pictures of the item and send them to you through text. This is when you confirm if you want the item or not. If you do, you simply send the money through Venmo or Cash App plus my small fee which I’ll break down in a little bit.

Third Step, Last step! Schedule a day and time to pick up your items in Saraland, AL or pay to get it shipped! SIMPLE AS THAT!


Now here is the fee details!

I’ve broken down the fees into two categories.

SMALL ITEMS: Smaller  items can be shipped  for a flat rate fee of $7. The Personal Shopping fee is $5 which should be added to the price of the item you’re buying when you send the money through Venmo or Cash App. Smaller items would be small home decor pieces, Linens and bedding, clothing etc.  (comforters and clothing over 5 pieces might be extra when it comes to shipping because of weight. If you’re not sure, just ask me and I’ll let you know which fee yours would be under!

LARGER ITEMS:  Larger items can not be shipped because of size. The Personal Shopping fee is $10 which should be added to the price of the item you’re buying. Larger items are rugs, furniture, lamps, floor plants, wall art, etc.


Fee is added to each shopping session! If you are asking for two or more different items and I only find one and then find the other later on, that would be two separate fees. The fees are basically to help with gas and also for my time.

Lastly, since Venmo and Cash App charge a fee for instant money transfer , please add 1% more to your total when sending through Venmo and 2% when sending through Cash App!


I think that’s all you need to know! Let me know if you have any questions! Also, make sure you follow @uniquelyjessicarenee on Instagram and turn on your notifications! I’ll be posting random amazing Dirt Cheap finds on my Instagram story that you could snag them while I’m still at the store!

I’m so excited about this and I can’t wait to help y’all save some $$$$$$!


-Jessica Shelter

Founder of Life Fashion Styling