Life Fashion Styling (LF styling) is a Christian-Based business that has been providing its services since 2016. The focus is to help provide social media content to local businesses, specializing in Women’s boutiques.  This service includes  fashion styling,  scheduling models, blogging, photography and promoting their brand to help customers  see what their local boutiques have to offer!

These services help take stress off of our local boutique owners by helping them spread the word about their shop and also, give them content that they can post on their social media platforms to draw more people into their stores or online shops!

Don’t own a boutique? We do work for models, lifestyle/fashion bloggers and more!

Need a Personal fashion stylist? Let Jessica Shelter help you discover your unique style and refresh your wardrobe!  Email Jessica at lifefashionstylingservices@gmail.com or simply message her on any of the Life Fashion Styling social media platforms to set up a session!


Jessica Shelter

Founder of Life Fashion Styling

Ephesians 1 ❤

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  1. This was awesome, thank you so much for your inspirational feedback. I’m so excited my collection had a great impact on you enjoying yourself. I loved everything about MOBILE FASHION WEEK this year 2016 and this was more smiles to indulge in.


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