Shine Bright like your smile! – Teeth Whitening

I can’t wait to share with y’all my experience with Smile Brilliant!

I’ve always been a little self conscious about my smile. Mainly because my teeth aren’t as straight as I want them to be but also because I would like for them to be a little whiter. I tried Crest whitening strips back when I was in high school and I’m not sure if I used them right or not but that’s basically my history of whitening. Lol To be honest I thought that for someone to get a good whitening and actually see a difference, you would probably have to go to the dentist. After using Smile Brilliant, I now know that’s not the case!

A few things I like about Smile Brilliant is the convenience of it! I took a trip to Virginia and brought my liners with me to get some whitening in on the trip! The whitening and desensitizing syringes barely took up any room in my bag at all. Also, I loved the fact that I could do 2 things at once like wash my hair and whiten my teeth at the same time.

I also like that the liners didn’t just cover the front teeth. They basically covered all the teeth which is definitely different than some of the other whitening kits I’ve seen in person and on TV.

Also, the process of it all was very easy to execute! I’m not even gonna lie, I was never about doing my impressions because I didn’t want to do them wrong and have to start all over. The instructions are very straightforward and so easy to follow! During the actually process I never felt confused or anything like that. The Smile Brilliant team was happy to help every step of the way!

Here is my before and after pics:

When it came to the whitening , my main goal was to whiten the teeth on the sides. For some reason, the ones in the front are way whiter than the sides. So, that’s something I wanted to fix during this experience which it did! I can tell that they’re a couple of shades whiter!

I hope you enjoyed my review of Smile Brilliant!

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