Influence fashion experienced

I had an amazing time at Exalte’s influence Fashion Experience! It was great to finally meet some of our local

Bloggers and also come together to experience fashion and support a good cause!

Live Out Loud Charity’s focus is to help with the development of Core character , anti- bullying and suicide prevention. To help bring awareness to the cause,Exalte and Miss Worldwide Teen Alabama of LOLC, Bella White, put together a fashion show to help raise money for LOLC.

At the end of the show, they had all the models that participated in the show come out holding a sign with something cruel someone had said to them in the past. It was emotional for me because I know how it feels to be called something and let whatever they called me because my identity. As they all walked by with these signs, my heart truly went out to them.

A good portion of my life, I’ve had people say that I was too tall, I look like a man, I’m not pretty enough, I’m not skinny enough, I’m too dark, etc. Those words were attached to my identity for such a long time until I truly understood God’s love for me. He sees me as beautiful and His opinion of me is the only opinion I need!

The process of learning to truly love yourself can be really hard, especially if you are surrounded by people who want to fill your head with lies about yourself. I’m so happy that there are people like Exalte , Live Out Loud Charity , Bully Blocker, and even Whatever Ministry that want to help our community to become a better place for ourselves and for generations after us!

After the models walked out with their negative signs, they came back around with positive ones! As much as I loved seeing the fashion hit the runway, I believe this part was actually my favorite!

Thank you so much, Exalte , for letting me join y’all for this amazing night! Also, thank you to all the amazing designers that shared their collections with us!

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