South Alabammaaa USA! South in your mouth! OKAY!

I didn’t attend South Alabama…lol I actually graduated from their rival school to be honest. THAT DOESN’T STOP ME FROM GOING OUT AND HAVING A FUN TIME WITH FRIENDS AND FAM! My sister actually put together her own outfit! Black old navy shift dress, denim button down shirt wrapped around the waist, awesome red Keds and a choker paired with a cross, pendant necklace.


As for me, I opted for red high-waisted shorts, a white top and a denim jacket…ALL FROM OLD NAVY! Showing some school spirit!

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Fall Green, Everything:

Hey everyone! Welcome back! Today I would like to share with you my official outfit of the day: Slightly oversize Olive green sweater, distressed denim shorts and deep olive green ankle boots, ALL FROM OLD NAVY. I don’t remember how much everything was since I bought some of this stuff last year BUT I do know I got the shorts for $7.97! ;D


ANYWAY, I hope y’all enjoyed this look! Have a blessed day, everybody!

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Plaid, O baby!

Hey Everyone! Just stopping by to share with you one of cheap finds from last week at Old Navy. This cute navy blue and cobalt plaid shirt was a great find I found for $.68…YES, I SAID IT!  $.68! I added a striped crop top and cropped denim jeans, along with a pair of my favorite olive green ankle boots!

I hope you enjoyed this look! Have a blessed day, everyone!

#lifefashionstyling #styledbyjessicashelter #thatssojess #cheapfinds #dealfinder

Plum and Lavender:

Hey everyone! Just wanted to share my outfit of the day! This Gap Tank was $1.99 at Dirt Cheap, the necklace is from Dillard’s and I believe it was $10, the pants are from Old Navy for $2.19 and the shoes were $5.59! I can’t remember how much the hat was but it’s awesome! HAVE A BLESSED DAY!


#lifefashionstyling #styledbyjessicashelter #cheapfinds #dealfinder