I would like to share with you some of the final looks from the Whatever Gathering fashion show. What I did here was basically show the girls different ways to wear the Whatever Ministry Tshirts!  (Sorry, Joi. I forgot to take individual photos of you D; )


First we have Mary,  featuring more of an edgy look! This was one of my favorites out of all of the looks, possibly my favorite. I saw these distressed black jeans at a boutique called Bella Boutique in the Pinebrook shopping center and fell in love! So, I had to use them! I added the Tee and also a denim jacket to give it a more grungy look. Also, we paired this outfit with white converse shoes and an awesome black and gold bracelet.

Next we have Becca, who I consider one of my clients! ❤ I wanted to add an outfit that involved a skirt which was really hard to find because they did have skirts and they were too short to have in a modesty fashion show or they didn’t have any at all. So what I did was use a maxi dress and portrayed it as a maxi skirt. I love it because it also has a very cute, split on the side for those who are looking for something more mature! I used the Whatever Tee as a cover up and knotted it at the bottom. I also added this amazingly, comfortable jacket from p31 boutique to the look! (maxi dress and necklace are from Polish Boutique)

I hope you enjoyed the final looks from this year’s Whatever Gathering Fashion Show! Stay tuned for more updates on fashion events and fashion inspiration! Everyone have a blessed day!

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