I just want to thank Whatever Ministry for letting me be the fashion show coordinator for this event. It was my first one and even though there are things I need to work on, it still went quite smoothly!

I also want to thank the boutiques that were involved: The Wandering Lilly, Polish Boutique, P31 Boutique, Lotus Boutique and Bella Boutique. Thank you for letting us borrow your clothes for this event! All the models looked great!

Also, thank you to all the models and the moms for helping me out with the event as well! I had so much fun hanging out you all and learning more about you. Hopefully next year, I will be able to get you all to do it again for me!

Lastly, I want to thank my volunteers! Heather, Jeanee (makeup artist), Ashley Ryan and my Sister, Christian. Just thanks for the support and helping me to relax through it all!


Here are some of the looks collectively, along with some of my volunteers! Thanks again! and have a great day!



I would like to share with you some of the final looks from the Whatever Gathering fashion show. What I did here was basically show the girls different ways to wear the Whatever Ministry Tshirts!  (Sorry, Joi. I forgot to take individual photos of you D; )


First we have Mary,  featuring more of an edgy look! This was one of my favorites out of all of the looks, possibly my favorite. I saw these distressed black jeans at a boutique called Bella Boutique in the Pinebrook shopping center and fell in love! So, I had to use them! I added the Tee and also a denim jacket to give it a more grungy look. Also, we paired this outfit with white converse shoes and an awesome black and gold bracelet.

Next we have Becca, who I consider one of my clients! ❤ I wanted to add an outfit that involved a skirt which was really hard to find because they did have skirts and they were too short to have in a modesty fashion show or they didn’t have any at all. So what I did was use a maxi dress and portrayed it as a maxi skirt. I love it because it also has a very cute, split on the side for those who are looking for something more mature! I used the Whatever Tee as a cover up and knotted it at the bottom. I also added this amazingly, comfortable jacket from p31 boutique to the look! (maxi dress and necklace are from Polish Boutique)

I hope you enjoyed the final looks from this year’s Whatever Gathering Fashion Show! Stay tuned for more updates on fashion events and fashion inspiration! Everyone have a blessed day!

Game-Day Outfits:

Hey everyone!

These are the game day outfits from the Whatever Gathering Fashion Show!

FIRST, we have the Bama look: Black and white, striped mock neck dress, crimson fall hat with pearled detail, Crimson ankle boots with lace up detail on the sides and an elephant pendant necklace paired with a whatever ministry cuff bracelet. THANKS, ASHTON!

Second, we have an Auburn Look: Burnt Orange, loosely fitted top with ruffle detailed bottom, navy blue jeggings, camel-colored wedged ankle boots and a blue multi-strand necklace paired with a distressed silver cuff bracelet. THIS IS SAMANTHA!

Lastly, we have a South Alabama look: Red, scalloped top with a “peek a boo” back, jaguar print necklace, distressed jeans and beautiful pointy toe, jaguar print flats. SAY HELLO TO ANSLEY! ❤

I hope you enjoyed these game day looks from the fashion show a couple of weeks ago. Have a great rest of the day!

fall looks;



Hi everyone! I’m going to continue my post with some of the looks from the fashion show this passed week. First up, we have Ashley wearing a very cute and comfortable steel grey, baby doll dress. I added a maroon fall floppy hat with feathered detail, to add more color to the outfit! POPPIN’ SOME COLOR. She’s wearing a very trendy, velvet choker to go along with her black knee high boots with silver detail. Dress from The Wandering Lilly, Hat and Choker from Lotus Boutique

Next, we have Avery! She’s wearing an ivory off the shoulder top which is a very trendy piece to add to your wardrobe! I also paired it up with these awesome mustard yellow, dramatic flare pants that I have heard are very comfortable. As for accessories, I added a beautiful olive green hat and a maroon, beaded necklace that brought the fall look all together. ❤  Everything from Bella Boutique

Lastly, we have Sophie who is wearing some of my favorites! Taupe and Brown fur vest, Taupe long-sleeve top, maroon fit and flare skirt and taupe ankle boots. Paired with this outfit, I added a tribal tooth necklace and brown fringed earrings.


I hope you enjoyed the fall looks from the show! Stay tuned for the rest! have a blessed day ❤




So many of you know, I put together my first fashion show with Whatever Ministry this past weekend and it was GREAT! The event was called the Whatever Gathering which is something I posted about a while back. This event’s purpose was to show girls their beauty value and purpose and to help them discover who God has called them to be. With that being said, we wanted to show these young girls that they don’t have to dress revealing to feel beautiful. We showed them how modesty doesn’t always have to be boring and frumpy. I put together four different looks using some of the local boutiques in my area: Lotus Boutique, P31, Bella Boutique, The Wandering Lilly and Polish.

This first look is a fall floral dress from the Wandering Lilly. I literally fell in love with it when they posted it on their Instagram! -heart eyes- What we did here was add a long pendant necklace, these awesome pointy-toe flats that lace-up around the ankle and calf and also a beautiful black fall floppy hat. DOESN’T NAOMI LOOK ADORABLE?!

Weekend look #2: This dress is from Lotus Boutique and what I love about it is that it’s very comfortable and very versatile. You can wear this in the fall and accessorize it with a sweater and boots or in the summer with your favorite pair of sunglasses and sandals. The color is year around and you can make it fit into any season you want! I added a turquoise and mocha beaded, leaf necklace to the outfit, giving it some color so it wouldn’t be so bland. I also added a brown choker to give the outfit more detail and balance. She wore her beautiful champagne, rhinestone detailed sandals and an awesome denim vest that could make anything plain turn into something fab! This is Macey!

Lastly, we have a chevron dress from Polish Boutique with a beautiful fall color scheme that is perfect for the fall weekend look. What I love the most about this dress is the lace-up front at the top! I also love the knitted shawl and the suede ankle boots that we added to this look from p31 boutique which made the look go up in fashion points tremendously! As for jewelry we used beautiful gold oval earrings and paired it with a classic gold arrow bracelet that can be bought from the Whatever Ministry! Say Hello to Sara!

I hope you enjoyed the weekend looks! If there are any pieces you are interested in, you can email me and I will tell you where you can find them! HAVE A GREAT REST OF THE DAY!


EMAIL: lifefashionstylingservices@gmail.com





Living Green:

Taking it to the streets of Downtown Mobile! This outfit of the day consist of a black and white striped, 3 quarter length Vince Camuto top, green and black skirt (one of my Goodwill Finds!), my new handbag (Sunny), and my favorite Vince Camuto wedged heels. Also, to keep the outfit lively, I paired it with a burnt orange beaded necklace that I bought a couple of weeks ago from Dillard’s.


Hope you enjoyed the outfit of the day! Have a great one! ❤

Pointed-Flat Collar:

I love this dress so much ❤ I bought it a couple of years ago at a Dillard’s clearance shop in Montgomery! I forgot how much I paid for it but it was probably around $15 or something. Also, have I told you how much I love this purse? -heart eyes- Her name is Sunny! Now that you all have been officially introduced, you should get used to seeing her because I will probably be using her a lot. [dating your bag] YELLOW IS A GREAT POP OF COLOR, YEAR AROUND! ❤




South Alabammaaa USA! South in your mouth! OKAY!

I didn’t attend South Alabama…lol I actually graduated from their rival school to be honest. THAT DOESN’T STOP ME FROM GOING OUT AND HAVING A FUN TIME WITH FRIENDS AND FAM! My sister actually put together her own outfit! Black old navy shift dress, denim button down shirt wrapped around the waist, awesome red Keds and a choker paired with a cross, pendant necklace.


As for me, I opted for red high-waisted shorts, a white top and a denim jacket…ALL FROM OLD NAVY! Showing some school spirit!

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Fall Green, Everything:

Hey everyone! Welcome back! Today I would like to share with you my official outfit of the day: Slightly oversize Olive green sweater, distressed denim shorts and deep olive green ankle boots, ALL FROM OLD NAVY. I don’t remember how much everything was since I bought some of this stuff last year BUT I do know I got the shorts for $7.97! ;D


ANYWAY, I hope y’all enjoyed this look! Have a blessed day, everybody!

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Plaid, O baby!

Hey Everyone! Just stopping by to share with you one of cheap finds from last week at Old Navy. This cute navy blue and cobalt plaid shirt was a great find I found for $.68…YES, I SAID IT!  $.68! I added a striped crop top and cropped denim jeans, along with a pair of my favorite olive green ankle boots!

I hope you enjoyed this look! Have a blessed day, everyone!

#lifefashionstyling #styledbyjessicashelter #thatssojess #cheapfinds #dealfinder