Yesterday was Easter and on behalf of Life fashion styling, I’d liked to say HAPPY EASTER! HAPPY RESURRECTION!! (I would have typed up something yesterday but I was too busy stuffing my face with banana pudding D;)
Easter marks the day that God looked down on us and decided we were worth saving. He sent his son to die on the cross so that we could have a second chance, so we could have hope of better days! With that being said, HE IS RISEN AND THAT CALLS FOR A CELEBRATION! –THROWS CONFETTI IN THE AIR-
FASHION-WISE, people go all out with their spring attire! Refreshing colors that truly bring out the joy of the occasion. When I’m shopping for an outfit for holidays such as this, I aim for pieces that can be versatile. A great way to save money is to buy pieces that can be used for other things such as everyday wear, fall or spring, or even mixing and matching. As you can see, the outfit I chose for this Easter was a bright reddish, orange dress that could be worn with a heel or wedge to be dressed up or could also be dressed down with a sandal or even an ankle boot! I chose the gold accessories to bring out a more refreshing, spring look and I also wore a comfortable, saddle-colored wedge to dress it up a little. As for a handbag, I decided to go with my Michael Kors Leopard print, calf hair clutch (which can also be turned into a cross body, btw); something that added a little pizzazz to the outfit.

As I said earlier, if you’re looking to save money, you should try finding pieces that can work year around. With my dress (which was regular price $86, but I bought it for $23.64 at Belk –thumbs up-), you can always tone it down for the fall! Adding black tights and a suede ankle boot would definitely achieve the look appropriate for that time of year. 

Lastly, the choice for my sister, was definitely more spring-like than mine. She wore one of my favorite dresses….I MEAN FFFFAAVVVVOOORRRIITTTE! The whole day I had to refrain myself from staring at her because that’s how much I love that dress. It’s a dress that almost looks like a two piece but is actually a one piece. A horizontal striped, black and white top and a beautiful, floral combination on the bottom. Since the zipper on the back was gold, we went simple with a gold bracelet and a gold and pewter stud earring. Also, we used black and brown wedges which despite the height of the wedge, are very comfortable (THANK YOU, VINCE CAMUTO!) WHICH CAN BE HARD TO FIND! As for the Handbag, we went with the Brahmin: Black Arno style.

P:S- It rained early that day hints why we took pics with our super awesome Coach and Kate Spade umbrellas.

Jessica Shelter

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