HI EVERYONE! My name is Jessica Shelter, creator of Life Fashion Styling. Since I was a little girl, I have always been interested in the fashion industry. When I was younger I thought I wanted to be a designer or possibly a model but unfortunately the world can bring you down, make you feel as if you’re not good enough to pursue something that you have so much interest in doing. For the longest time, I went through the motions of life; pursuing the more safe and rational path, mainly because “it’s what you’re supposed to do”. I was being ordinary when I was made to be extraordinary! About a month or so ago, if you would have asked me what I wanted to do with my life or even asked me what my talents were, I wouldn’t have been able to answer you without rambling on until I eventually changed the subject. I was at a point in my life where my dreams had been buried deep down inside of me, so deep to the point I couldn’t remember what they were in the first place! January was a turning point in my life.,,
During a Sunday morning service at my church, my dreams were awakened. Prior to this service, I felt as if God was telling me it was time for me to step out and pursue my destiny, using my talents to bring Glory to his name. When you step out in faith, it’s not always easy. Sometimes it means letting go of one of your security blankets which can be difficult since we live in a world that is all about playing it safe and being rational. ANYWAY, back to the Sunday Morning service!
Pastor Scotty, the pastor of Life Church of Mobile, stood up and started to talk about God being a restorer of dreams. As he continued to speak about the subject, my heart started to soften and I became emotional. I wasn’t crying or anything like that, surprisingly, since I usually cry about a lot of things. I even cry when I laugh, unfortunately….but that’s beside the point (GETTING BACK ON TRACK). All I could do at that moment is ponder on what my dreams were and why I gave them up. I continued to ponder, ponder, and ponder but I couldn’t think of what dreams I wanted to do originally. So, I continued to thinking, deeper and deeper as Pastor Scotty continued to proclaim ‘GOD IS A RESTORER OF DREAMS’. As he continued, I could feel myself bring to remembrance what I wanted to do. First, photography popped in my head. I wanted to be a forensic photographer when I was younger but that changed rather quickly after I found out what all has to go along with that (I have no clue why I wanted to do that, I wouldn’t have lasted a day!). Second, fashion popped into my head and then after that, everything started to come together. God was revealing to me his vision for my life! It was quite refreshing and for the first time in a while, I felt alive…confident….motivated.
After this encounter in my life, I took a few steps. I quit my job, enrolled in a fashion styling course online and started my journey toward my destiny. Now, I’m starting a blog to not only share with you my classic/ somewhat quirky style but also share ways of bringing together a style you want to achieve without spending an arm and a leg to do so. Aside from that, my main goal is to become a fashion stylist and personal shopper for the everyday person; to be able to impact people’s lives by helping them find their more confident selves. SO HERE I AM, READY AND WILLING TO STEP OUT AND ENJOY THE JOURNEY THAT HAS BEEN SET BEFORE ME! Once again, God is a restorer of dreams and if you’re willing to step out and totally trust that he knows what he is doing, then he can restore yours too! I’m not at my destination yet but I fully believe He has a lot in store for me. Now sit back, relax and enjoy the quirky fashion of Life Fashion!
-jessica shelterPicMonkey Collage

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